Rules Concerning

Rules Concerning Absence:

  1. Leave is granted only on a written request in the form of an application submitted by the Parent/Guardian, well in advance (except in cases of unforeseen circumstances), and that too, only on genuine grounds.  More than one day's sick leave must be accompanied by a medical certificate. Not more than three days' leave may be granted at a time in one month if the month has working days in full.  But, if a particular month has less than 26 working days the number of leaves for which your ward is entitled may be reduced on a pro-rata basis for that particular month. A student will be marked absent if he/she does not report to his/her class teacher five minutes before the 'First Bell'.
  2. Leave for half-day or only one day can be processed through the school diary, duly signed by the Parent/Guardian. Leave for more than one day must be processed in the form of an application submitted by the Parent/Guardian.
  3. Half-Day Leave must not opt on any ground other than medical, which need to be justified with a relevant document on the date of resuming the class.
  4. No student will be relieved even in the last period for going out of the station on any ground other than medical which need to be justified with the relevant document.
  5. Willful absence is dealt with seriously. Absence for seven consecutive days without approval of the Principal would lead to cancellation of admission and the child will not be allowed to attend the classes. Re-admission in such cases will be the sole discretion of the Principal. Re-admission is granted on payment of Rs.1000/- (Rupees One thousand only) as re-admission fee.
  6. If a student suffering from any infectious disease wishes to resume after recovery, he/she must obtain a certificate from a competent authority stating that he/she can attend the school without the risk of communicating the infection further and submit the same before the Principal for permission. Students suffering from any of the following diseases must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to class.
    • Chicken Pox             –       Till complete falling of scabs
    • Cholera                     –       Till the child recovers completely
    • Measles                    –       Two weeks after the rash disappear
    • Mumps                     –       Until the swelling reduces (3 to 4 weeks)
    • Whooping Cough     –       Six weeks
    • Conjunctivitis           –       Till the child recovers completely

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