A Word to Parents

  1. Read all the instructions published in the school diary.
  2. Label all the belongings of your ward(s) with his / her name; especially, the sweaters, uniforms, blazers, tiffin boxes, water bottles, pencil boxes etc.
  3. Check the school diary daily and ensure that the ward has done the assigned home task.
  4. Prohibit the students from carrying valuable items like cell phone, gold ornaments or electronic gadgets, calculators, toys, scissors etc. to the school.
  5. Encourage your children to speak in English beyond the school hours, too, as the medium of instruction in the School is English.
  6. Leave your children undisturbed by not taking them away during the working days of the school and the school hours.
  7. Communicate suggestion to the teacher(s) regarding your ward's performance/conduct through his/her school diary or during Parents Teachers Meeting.
  8. Refrain from interfering with the school administration in any manner. In case of any problem, you can discuss the matter with the Principal during visiting hours, or at any other time with prior intimation.
  9. Check hair-cut, uniform, handkerchief, bags etc. before you send your ward(s) to the school.
  10.  Avoid meeting the Teachers/Students during the School hours without the prior permission of the Principal.
  11. Refrain from persuading the teachers to hold private tuitions for their children.  It may be noted that no teacher of our school is permitted to hold private tuitions in any manner.
  12. Vehicles should be parked in the parking area in the premises of the school whenever you come for any kind of work.
  13. Avoid bringing any friend or relative for showing them the school. In case of exigencies, permission must be obtained from the office of the Principal at least 12 hrs. before the visit.
  14. Mention the admission number of your ward as and when you approach the office of the school for any kind of work.
  15. Eschew sending any unauthorised escort by trying to authorise him/her over phone to collect your ward from the school.

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